Comprehensive Section 32 Statements: No Shortcuts

Selling a Property 


Your sale transaction is important to us. Our expert team at Complete Conveyancing works with you to ensure your experience is stress free.

When selling a property, you must make a full disclosure to the purchaser of matters relating to the property.


We as your conveyancers will:

  • ensure that all your legal rights are protected

  • conduct your Verification of Identity as required by law

  • obtain all title search, rate and zoning certificates, and all other necessary documents to complete Vendor Section 32 Statement

  • complete Contract of Sale 

  • complete Section 27(3) statement to facilitate early release of deposit to you

  • notify your bank of the sale to ensure the effective discharge of the mortgage

  • verify the bank’s payout figure with you

  • complete legal documents including online State Revenue Duty declaration and transfer form

  • verify the accuracy of the purchaser’s adjustment of local council and water rates, State land tax and body corporate levies

  • communicate with your bank, real estate agent and purchaser’s legal representative

  • finalise your agreed settlement date with all parties via PEXA, the Victorian Electronic Settlement Platform

  • on settlement, notify the relevant rating authorities of your sale (including water board and owner’s corporation).


We will keep you informed about the status of your sale every step of the way.